Hi Im Alex-Leigh Stewart 29 years old from England! I live with my beautiful 10 year old daughter Mia, my supportive partner Steve and our furry family member “Bibbis” our black & white tuxedo cat whom we love VERY MUCH!

 I love to go on long peaceful walks with my family, cycling in the woods surrounded by nature, create vegan recipes (as you can tell) LOL. I also like to style and photograph my food and create content on Instagram as a fun hobby which i enjoy very much!

I created this blog because i wanted to show people how easy and simple it really can be to cook deliciously simple vegan food, and my mission is to try and get people to adopt a plant based lifestyle whilst on a budget too. Vegan food can be really cheap, it really doesn’t have to be expensive at all if you eat all the whole foods, like canned beans or legumes, you know, typical pantry foods, and also frozen fruits/vegetables. I prefer eating frozen vegetables because they are kept at their freshest and I find they are more tasty and of course much cheaper!

The only thing that is more expensive is the vegan alternatives. For example, vegan yoghurt, cheese, processed vegan meat alternatives. Although I do enjoy the vegan alternatives, I much prefer eating whole foods because they are so versatile, you can make anything with them!


Since i was 12 years old, i suffered from disordered eating, but i was actually diagnosed with Anorexia B/P sub-type, anxiety & depression at the age of 20 years old, just after my daughter was born. It has been a long long road. I ended up in a hospital day patient program for treatment, which I found really helpful, but couldn’t gain the required amount of weight to stay, so i got discharged. I felt useless after being discharged. When i left the hospital, things went downhill a lot, but i really didn’t want this illness at all, I wanted to be normal and recover, because it was causing so much stress for everyone around me and for myself. I didn’t like to be controlled by the anorexia anymore. I wanted to be happy.

I felt inspired by vegan food bloggers on Instagram and the beauty of vegan food, so just looking at how delicious & nutritious the food looked
all the colours, the health, the happiness that goes into the food amazed me and it made me want to find out more about a vegan diet!

I educated myself even further and i found out about the meat, dairy & egg industry’s. What i found was very shocking and i couldn’t believe that this was normal everyday farming, but it was. I cannot believe it is even legal to treat another being this way (Please find the videos on my Vegan Education page). After learning everything i needed to know, i went vegan straight away. For the animals. At the same time, i was doing amazing things to my health. I felt physically and mentally stronger. It was still a massive fight, with alot of tears and anxieties, but the negative thoughts from the eating disorder seemed to fade away at every challenge. I went from a significantly low bmi, to a healthy one all by eating plants, and i couldn’t be happier!

I became weight restored in 2018, which is absolutely amazing! My family are so very proud of me. Since gaining to a new healthy weight, i feel full of life, i feel positive most of the time, and I feel so healthy & mentally strong. (Don’t get me wrong i still have my bad days, like every single human on this planet) but i am strong enough to deal with it now, and i will NOT let the eating disorder creep its way back in. I’m having way too much fun being healthy.

So really… becoming vegan really did save me. It is now my way of life and i’m thriving on plants…

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