Vegan Education

These industries which are hidden away from us all for a reason, because they know human beings are naturally compassionate towards animals and all they want is a profit from these living so called “products”. This made me go vegan.
If i was an animal bred into the farming industry, i would want someone like Gary Yourofsky to stand up for me. A true legend!
The truth of what goes on in the dairy industry. I believe it is very hard work for these people who work in the dairy industry, but these industries shouldn’t of existed in the first place. They are so outdated. We have so many different alternatives. It’s 2020!
You can find the full version of Cowspiracy on Netlix for reasons to go vegan for the planet.

For concerns about health on a vegan diet. This is also available on Netflix

Here is a great documentary for vegan awareness!

I couldn’t argue with these reasons, so if i couldn’t think of an argument against veganism, i went all in.
Veganism is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.
The egg industry.
A documentary about the truth of the meat, dairy and egg industries in Australia.

He is so inspiring for everyone! I adore Hench Herbivore, you should check out his YouTube videos!

This made me laugh it was actually so humorous , but Gary Yourofsky says it how it is, and he is so right.